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Patient Assistance Fund

Patient Assistance Fund Provides Relief During Medical Crises

Vail Health benefactor Mary Ellen Anderson knows about making a positive impact in her community. She is passionate about helping her fellow residents in Eagle and Summit Counties burdened by medical expenses.

Immediate Assistance to Those in Need

That is why Mary Ellen supports Vail Health’s new Patient Assistance Fund. In fact, she gave the seed gift that established the incredible new program that helps give financial aid to patients who live and work in Eagle and Summit Counties.

“I want to provide immediate help to people overwhelmed by medical bills,” she says.

This new financial assistance program – funded entirely through generous philanthropy like Mary Ellen’s – provides financial aid for Eagle County and Summit County patients who need help paying their regular living expenses.

Many patients, and sometimes their caregivers, are unable to work during treatment and recovery. As such, they are forced to take unpaid leaves of absence. This causes them to fall behind on bills, and they can quickly find themselves in financial distress.

With your support, the Patient Assistance Fund will provide these patients a one-time payment for expenses not covered by insurance, such as rent, mortgage, transportation and groceries. And when stress is reduced, patients can heal better and faster, which is exactly what the program is designed to do.

Mary Ellen feels so strongly about helping local families she set up a bequest to endow the fund. In the meantime, she plans to give to it annually.

“This is one way I can support the working families who are the fabric of our community,” she explains.

Continuing the Legacy of Giving

Mary Ellen’s gift is one of many from her family. Her parents, Morgan and Cathie Douglas, were supporters of Vail Health for over 25 years. Cathie also served on the hospital’s board and was one of our first volunteers.

“Giving to Vail Health was always important to my parents,” Mary Ellen says. “I want to continue their legacy.”

“Going to the hospital is rarely by choice,” she continues. “Economic support is essential to healing. People shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay their bills.”

Going to the hospital is rarely by choice. Economic support is essential to healing. People shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay their bills.
Mary Ellen Anderson

Your gift can provide financial relief for patients burdened by medical expenses.


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