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Ann Smead and Amy Gish

Because we are blessed to have resources, we have an obligation to support our community, and we are happy to do so.

The Hauters

When we saw what Vail Health was doing for behavioral health, it inspired us – especially since a lack of resources is what I’ve experienced my whole life regarding my brother.

Ada Borg

I am honored to have participated in creating a behavioral health service line at CMM that, integrated with our current primary care providers, provides the valley with much needed, whole health support.

Alexandra Mastriana-Solal

When I started going to Shaw Cancer Center for infusion therapy, I was amazed. The staff is so caring. They get to know you and take care of you.

Why Give?

Every dollar you give helps make Eagle and Summit Counties healthier communities, now and always.

Ways to Give

Donate to make an impact in the lives of the patients we serve.

About Vail Health Foundation

We foster philanthropy to support advanced health care for Eagle and Summit Counties.