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Renée Okubo

I was so impressed by Shaw Cancer Center and the personalized care. Everybody knows everybody, and the nurses are compassionate. I think Shaw is a gift to the region.

Margaret & Loyal Wilson

There are many forms of giving and philanthropy; one of the areas that you want to build wealth is in your relationships with your community.

Terry Williams

The real joy comes from seeing the direct impact of our contributions.

GE Johnson Foundation

When I learned what EVBH and its partners are doing, I thought it was so special. It’s changing how people look at and treat mental health, and now it’s available to everyone in the valley.

Why Give?

Every dollar you give helps make Eagle and Summit Counties healthier communities, now and always.

Ways to Give

Donate to make an impact in the lives of the patients we serve.

About Vail Health Foundation

We foster philanthropy to support advanced health care for Eagle and Summit Counties.