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Patient Assistance Fund

Patients who need assistance with their non-medical bills are covered, thanks to your charitable giving.

How We Work

Many of our patients and their caregivers must take time off from work to receive the care and treatment they need to become well again.

But oftentimes this means taking long, unpaid leaves of absence that can send patients and their families into financial distress. During this time, some patients are unable to pay for necessities like transportation, groceries, utilities or even their mortgage.

Our Patient Assistance Fund helps alleviate that terrible burden by covering non-medical, requisite expenses for our patients and their families in need. This puts their minds and hearts and ease, giving them the freedom to focus on what is most crucial–restoring their health.

Economic support is essential to healing.
Mary Ellen Anderson, benefactor

Give to Our Patient Assistance Fund

Your extraordinary gift helps our patients and their families meet their monthly obligations, so they can focus on regaining their health.

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