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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

GE Johnson Foundation: Supporting Access to Behavioral Health Resources

This story first appeared in the 2022 Annual Update.

GE Johnson Foundation Strengthens Case Management Through Funding

When Joey Johnson sought help for his addiction, his father, Jim, and brother, Jared, were by his side. However, the family quickly found that navigating behavioral health support was no easy task. After visiting multiple intensive outpatient programs, sober living programs, and psychiatric hospitals (many out of state), they finally found something that worked.

“We were doing a lot of the coordination independently, and we didn’t have the educational or practical experience to know where to go. We recognized a huge need for a case manager to help guide our journey,” remembers Jim.

Difficult as it was, the path toward Joey’s healing was the impetus for the GE Johnson Foundation’s generous support of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) case management program.

“Our family was fortunate to be able to cover the costs, as insurance didn’t cover much, if anything,” continues Jim. “So our foundation felt very passionate about being able to help provide access to services, allowing more people to get the help they need.”

Unlocking Access to Care

EVBH’s case management is a low-cost service available to Eagle County residents. It is designed to help them navigate the complex healthcare system and connect them to the resources and services that best suit their needs.”

The case managers are bilingual and bicultural, making engaging and building trust with primarily Spanish-speaking clients easier. They serve clients of all ages and offer various case management and care coordination services, including short intervention, stress management, and community resource navigation. The support provided by the GE Johnson Foundation has had an immediate impact on the level of care that case managers can provide.

“I just love to brag about EVBH, Olivia’s Fund, and all the partnering organizations and everything they’re doing to disrupt the current model,” says Jared.

Building Better Communities, Inside and Out

The GE Johnson Foundation focuses on philanthropy in the arts, education, environment, health and human services, sports and recreation, and mental health. The foundation is passionate about supporting initiatives that empower individuals to help themselves. “We put a lot of emphasis on training people to be self-sufficient as entrepreneurs. So we look at craftsman training programs, entrepreneurial-type programs, and beyond. We believe this is the core of our foundation,” says Jim.

The Johnson family also supports Face it Together, which provides counseling and support for loved ones in Colorado Springs. They found that while Joey was getting help, the family sometimes needed just as much support, which they found in their community.

Colorado Roots Span Decades

While GE Johnson has been serving the Vail Valley since the early 70s, the family has a long history in Colorado that goes back to the late 60s. Skiing has always been a draw for them, as they have been vacationing in Vail for decades. And as the town has grown, so has the allure of the outdoors and their love of the community.

“Vail has always been an important place to me. There isn’t anything like being on the top of the mountain when it’s so quiet and peaceful, nobody’s around, and snow is falling. And the good mountain vibes — it’s always been a very positive place for me to be,” reflects Joey.

“When I learned what EVBH and its partners are doing, I thought it was so special. It’s changing how people look at and treat mental health, and now it’s available to everyone in the valley.”Jared Johnson

Join our efforts to improve behavioral health care in our valley by supporting the It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health campaign.


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