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Connecting the Community to Care

Case Management Helps Bridge Patients to Critical Resources

Navigating healthcare and behavioral healthcare systems can be daunting and complex. Individuals and families in our mountain communities can experience barriers that inhibit them from being able to access the resources they need and deserve. Launched in October 2021, Vail Health Behavioral Health Case Management Services was established to help guide and connect people to various services available in our region.

As of October 2022, 355 clients have been supported by Vail Health’s case managers. All of the case managers are bilingual and bicultural, which plays a critical role in facilitating services more effectively since 60 to 75 percent of their patients are bilingual and Spanish-speaking only. In addition, this leads to better engagement, trust, and rapport with clients.

Serving the Underserved

“There are no requirements within our services, which is wonderful because in many other programs, if the patient is undocumented, they are not allowed to receive services through that agency,” says Tracey Branch, Director of Case Management Services.

Another unique aspect of our Case Management Services is that it serves patients from birth to age 100 — when many other similar programs are restricted by age. The majority of patients range between the ages of 21 to 50.

“Over 30 percent of our clients have come as self-referrals through our phone system. They’ll call us and say, ‘You worked with someone I know, and they thought you did such a great job for them. You really helped them out. They felt safe with you, trusted you, and suggested that I reach out to you as well.’ So that word of mouth about our program is happening within the community, and we’re hearing that it’s a positive experience for individuals,” says Tracey.

Case Management Services Offered:

  • Short, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
  • Making healthy choices
  • Solution-focused positive thinking
  • Managing stress
  • Navigating community resources
  • Case management and care coordination services

Please contact or 970-422-3029 to connect to a case manager.

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