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Transition to Practice Program

We give our new nurses the training, support and mentorship they need to excel and feel at home at Vail Health.

How We Work

The nursing shortage in the U.S. has reached unprecedented levels. As such, hospitals must begin hiring new nursing graduates, which comes with a challenge.

The turnover rate for nursing graduates in their first three years of employment is 50 percent – something that is largely due to the lack of proper training and mentoring by employers.

At Vail Health, we aim to change that. Our new 12-month Transition to Practice Program will give new graduates the focused support, on-the-job training and mentoring they need to become long-term team members with us.

The goals of our Transition to Practice Program are to:

  • Hire approximately 10 new graduates each year to participate in the program
  • Bridge gaps in the new graduates’ clinical skills, building their professional competence
  • Connect “book knowledge” to the real-life nursing practice, making the transition to the bedside easier
  • Provide a support network for new graduates so they can learn from one another
  • Create a formal process for on-boarding and mentoring new graduates
  • Partner with Denver hospitals to provide our new graduates with additional training at higher-volume facilities

Give to Our Transition to Practice Program

With your generous support, our incoming nursing graduates will get the training and mentoring they need to continue growing in their profession.

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