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Emergency Department

Grateful Patient Shares His Experience at Vail Health’s ICU

“I was unable to walk about 25 to 50 feet without having difficulty breathing,” recalls Jeff Goldsmith.

Jeff first noticed that he “wasn’t 100 percent” following his participation in the Sonnenalp Casual Bike Classic. Soon after, his breathing became so labored that he was intubated at Vail Health’s ICU. Jeff’s respiratory system had shut down.

It was the hospital staff and the unparalleled level of treatment that provided Jeff the energy he needed to pull through his recovery. Since that day forward, his life has been “as fulfilled as anybody could have wished,” says Jeff.

Another Reason to Call Vail Home

Ever since he was a young boy, Jeff dreamed about living in Vail. As a current resident, he feels fortunate to now call it home. After requiring urgent medical attention at Vail Health — and receiving the extraordinary care that he did — his gratitude for Vail grew even deeper.

“When life has been good to all of us, you have to give back. [Donating to] Vail Health was easy, because Vail Health gave me life,” Jeff explains, “I made the gift because I want to make sure that facility is there for anybody and everybody that needs health care.”

I have a whole mountain of love here… everybody was just wonderful.Jeff Goldsmith

You can ensure that life-saving immediate care is available to the Vail community 24/7 — when it matters most.


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