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Planned Giving

Margaret & Loyal Wilson: Inspired by Growth

Giving is something that’s built in our DNA, partly because of how we were raised. It makes us happy to be involved and to be able to help other people,” says Loyal Wilson.

In the early 1990s in Vail, Margaret and Loyal Wilson’s then 2-year-old daughter needed emergency treatment for severe asthma. They recall the hospital’s limited but adequate pediatric resources at that time. Fast-forward to last year, their grandchild was hospitalized at Vail Health, also for asthma. But this time, the pediatric care stood out. “Vail Health’s pediatric services were top flight. We were incredibly impressed by how much the health system has grown its capabilities to meet the needs of a growing community,” reflects Loyal.

Supporting Behavioral Health

Driven by their personal experiences and witnessing how Vail Health continues to evolve to meet the community’s changing needs, they made a generous planned gift to support Vail Health’s Behavioral Health Case Management program. Launched in 2021, the Case Management team provides assistance in navigating complex health systems by connecting individuals to the care they need. Over 355 clients have benefitted; they have been connected to therapists and substance treatment providers, provided financial assistance information, informed about long- and short-term care options, and much more.

“We believe that resources should be available to everybody who needs them, no matter what age, whether you’re a postpartum mother or a concerned parent of an 18-year-old,” explains Margaret. “We’re pleased that Vail Health has taken the lead to address the population’s needs.”

A Family Legacy of Caring

Loyal’s father was a respected surgeon in a small town who cared for the needs of his patients from cradle to grave. Loyal accompanied him on hospital visits to witness surgeries and visit patients. He emerged with a deep respect for the medical profession and a commitment to community service.

Similarly, Margaret’s life was significantly shaped by her mother’s involvement in the community. She remembers her mother raising money and volunteering for organizations, even as she raised three kids. “I grew up with a sense of responsibility to give to your community. It’s part of what gives me peace,” Margaret says.

Building a Future

The couple’s journey began in Chicago after meeting at a financial industry event. Loyal was an early entrant in the venture capital industry starting in 1973. Margaret was employed at the Northern Trust, which was putting her through business school at the University of Chicago. The Wilsons relocated to Cleveland in 1983, where Loyal founded Primus, a private equity firm focused on investments in healthcare and software services companies. Margaret and Loyal are proud to have four children and eight grandchildren.

Uplifting Communities

The Wilsons’ philanthropic interests extend beyond the EVBH Case Management program. Loyal’s involvement with Cleveland Clinic and The Cleveland Museum of Art and Margaret’s engagement with the foundation of The Island School on Cape Eleuthera show their commitment to health care, education, the arts, and youth.

Today, retirement has offered the Wilsons more time to focus on community engagement and an active lifestyle that includes hiking and skiing. “This is a community where people embrace a healthy outdoor lifestyle,” Margaret explains. “And when you take care of yourself, you can care for each other.”

There are many forms of giving and philanthropy; one of the areas that you want to build wealth is in your relationships with your community.Margaret Wilson

Join our efforts to improve behavioral health care in our valley by supporting the It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health campaign.

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