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Family Birth Center

How Your Level II Nursery Kept My Baby Safe

“All I could think was, ‘Please keep my baby safe.” That is what ran through Vanessa Lyons’ mind as her son Jones was whisked away to the Level II Nursery at Vail Health shortly after birth.

Thanks to You, Preemies Stay in Vail Valley

Jones, who was born four weeks early, was having trouble breathing – an event that would fill any parent’s heart with fear. Vanessa was no exception.

But because she and Jones were in the hands of the first-rate staff at Vail Health’s Family Birth Center, Vanessa was able to put her mind at ease. “I was scared,” she admits. “But I knew Jones was being well cared for.”

Vanessa took comfort in the fact that Vail Health’s Family Birth Center has a Level II Nursery. This means we have the staff and technology to care for babies born at just 32 weeks’ gestation. Our team members include registered nurses who are specially trained in Level II care as well as neonatal nurse practitioners. All our Level II staff also work closely with families to teach them about any special procedures or medications babies may need at home after they are released from care.

“It was a great relief to know Jones was being treated by a team of seasoned nurses,” Vanessa says.

Your Gifts Provide Extra Care for Our Babies

When Vanessa was released from the hospital, Jones had to stay behind for continued care and observation. She recalls how stressful that was.

But she was thankful that the hospital was just down the road from their home in Edwards. She and her husband, Johnny, could spend time every day with Jones and still be at home to care for their oldest son, Jack.

“I was very grateful to have such high-level care close to home,” Vanessa says. “I love the nurses in the Family Birth Center. They are simply amazing.”

Without your support, premature babies like Jones would have needed to be transferred to a hospital hundreds of miles from home. Having a world-class neonatal care unit right here in Vail allows Eagle County and Summit County families to stay united without undue stress or financial burden.

“I was very grateful to have such high-level care close to home. I love the nurses in the Family Birth Center. They are simply amazing.”Vanessa Lyons

Your gifts help local newborns like Jones grow into healthy, active kids.


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