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Vail Health’s Commitment to Quality & Patient Safety

Ensuring the Well-Being of Every Patient

Vail Health takes patient safety very seriously, providing quality care and assurance for everyone who walks through our doors. Our progressive approach involves continually evaluating our systems and processes, identifying critical areas for growth, engaging in tough conversations, embracing cutting-edge technology, and opening lines of communication between patients, families, and clinicians.

Seamless Communication for Optimal Care

Vail Health utilizes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology to facilitate consistent and accurate communication across a patient’s healthcare team. EMR enables providers to access an individual’s chart, x-rays, MRIs, medications, labs, etc. This capability allows hospitals to communicate with each other regarding patient care and make recommendations based on the patient’s history. The technology is crucial in ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, and that every aspect of a patient’s care is accurately recorded and shared appropriately. 

A Culture of Collective Responsibility

Shared accountability maintains patient safety and prevents medical errors. The hospital is responsible for the systems we have in place and for responding to events fairly and justly. Our employees are accountable for their choices and behaviors. Vail Health’s embrace of a Just Culture methodology recognizes that mistakes can happen due to multiple factors, including system factors. This approach creates a safe environment for staff to report events without fear of retribution, leading to the real-time implementation of appropriate corrective actions or improvements to prevent recurrence.

Exceeding Standards for Infection Prevention

Vail Health utilizes industry-standard personal protective equipment, CDC guidelines, and HVAC system monitoring and flow to ensure clean air to prevent infection. We continually evolve our strategies to ensure patient safety and prevent the unknown. Diligence includes trackable disinfection schedules and quantitative measurements, ensuring that we maintain a high level of cleanliness. Effective infection control is vital in mitigating the risk of sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to infection.

Sepsis is a significant concern in any healthcare setting, and we go above and beyond the basic guidelines for its prevention. Our EMR technology monitors patient vital signs and labs, producing real-time sepsis alerts to nurses and health care providers. We use a combination of skilled staff and technology to detect possible sepsis faster than any human can, leading to timely and efficient care.

Devoted to Continuous Advancement to Ensure Safety

Patient safety is at the core of everything we do at Vail Health. We recognize that providing quality care is a progressive journey, and our commitment to vigilance, innovation, and open communication creates an environment that supports hospital staff and ensures the well-being of our patients.

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