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Type: Patient Story

JoDee Johnson: A Cancer Journey Surrounded in Support

JoDee Johnson was not accustomed to asking for help. But after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she learned that everyone needs a support system, regardless of their strength. Following an extraordinary career as an Intelligence Officer in the Air Force and later an Operations Manager for BP in Alaska, JoDee recently retired. She and her … Continued

Thankful Couple Receives Advanced Cancer Care Close to Home

A Couple's Story Svein Rognerud’s hands glide along his piano keys on a wintry afternoon in Breckenridge, Colorado. Beth, Svein’s wife, leans against the piano as she listens to his music. The large, west-facing windows of their home shed soft light on the couple during this sweet serenade, while the shimmering snowflakes outside seem to … Continued

Patient Appreciates Whole Body Care Approach at Shaw Cancer Center

Two Troubling Discoveries In January of 2020, get-well cards lined a full wall of windowsills in Cheryl and John Wells’ Leadville home. The early afternoon sun shed light on a sunroom filled with vibrant green plants and family photos of world travels and local adventures. As they shared their story, Cheryl and John sat alongside … Continued