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New Dillon Health Center

The article first appeared in the 2020 Annual Update.

Artist Rendering of Dillon Health Center

In January 2020, Vail Health broke ground on the new Dillon Health Center. When the 85,000-square-foot facility opens in fall 2021, Summit County residents and visitors will have improved access to a wide variety of services, including primary, specialty, and urgent care.

“We are very excited to address a critical health care need with this new center,” says Vail Health CEO Will Cook. “Having these services where people live and work will mean patients and their families can get the care they need to be well without the added stress of traveling long distances.”

In addition to providing the only urgent care services on the eastern side of Summit County, the center will offer state-of-the-art cancer care. Patients will be able to consult with medical and radiation oncologists about their treatment and access breast care services, such as mammograms and surgery through the Vail Health Shaw Cancer Center, as well as immunotherapy services.

Will says the health system maintains a steady focus on advancing opportunities that will positively impact patient care with construction moving closer to the finish line. “We’ve built with an eye towards possible future needs,” he explains. “We can integrate an emergency department, and we’re looking at adding a linear accelerator to allow patients to receive radiation therapy at the center.”

Patients needing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures, can visit the new facility’s ambulatory surgery center. With access to the same surgical and safety equipment and personnel found in a hospital surgical suite, the ambulatory surgery center brings high-quality care to the community with shorter wait times, the opportunity to heal at home, and substantial cost savings.

The center will provide care from top orthopedic physicians and deliver innovative physical therapy through Vail Health Howard Head Sports Medicine, as well as leading behavioral health care. “We’re looking for meaningful ways to significantly improve the well-being of our community,” says Chris Lindley, Vail Health Chief Population Health Officer and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health Executive Director. “This means finding ways to empower people to be physically and mentally healthy. The new center will make it easier for people to get the holistic care they need to improve their overall health and quality of life.”

Located on the corner of U.S. Highway 6 and Dillon Dam Road, the center is the fourth Vail Health building in the county. In the planning process, careful attention was paid to ensuring the beautiful mountain views remain for nearby residents and patients to inspire healing and wellness.

“A project like this is a collective effort,” says Craig Cohn, Chief Real Estate Development Officer. “It’s especially gratifying to know that, even under pandemic conditions, we’re advancing our top priority — expanding access locally to cost-effective services.”

“The Dillon Health Center turns our vision into reality,” adds Will. “The combination of services, specialists, and equipment within reasonable reach for people who need it most will go a long way in fostering the health of our community.”

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