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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Department: Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

The Hauters: Turning Tragedy into Hope for Others

After years of watching doctors try numerous medications to treat the symptoms of his brother’s mental illness, along with a severe lack of education regarding behavioral health, Wayne Hauter knew he wanted to give back and make a difference. “The psychiatrists we worked with didn’t have a strong background in behavioral health. I don’t think there was enough research,” he says. “I watched my brother deteriorate. It wasn’t until my mom took full control of his illness, becoming a psychiatric nurse herself, that he got the treatment he needed.”

Ada Borg: Finding Healing and Connection

This story first appeared in the 2021 It Takes A Valley Campaign Report. Ada Borg has been impacted by suicide throughout her life. Growing up, she was told her father died in a hunting accident. But at age 16, Ada discovered her father died of suicide. “This was a huge shock,” Ada says. “My mom … Continued