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Author: Deidre Satterfield

IRA Charitable Gifts, Medicare, and You

Your IRA is a tool that helps you save for your retirement years. And, when retirement comes, your IRA also provides a smart way to support the organizations you care about most. When you give through your IRA, you not only make an impact on the residents and visitors of our community, you protect your hard-earned savings from taxes and qualify for benefits in return.

Integrative Health at Colorado Mountain Medical

Integrative Health at Colorado Mountain Medical aims to bridge the gap between mental health and physical wellness. Through the implementation of an integrative care model, Colorado Mountain Medical, a partner of Vail Health, strives to reduce the stigma of seeking behavioral health care, while improving access to services. Shannatay Bergeron of Colorado Mountain Medical and Casey Wolfington of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health have the details on how Colorado Mountain Medical patients benefit from integrative health.

First Responders Receive De-Escalation Training

Funding Expands Crisis Intervention Training – With the rising need for behavioral health crisis care, de-escalation education among first responders has become even more critical. The ability to assess a scene, ask the right questions, identify a person experiencing a mental health crisis, and alter tactics as needed requires training, knowledge, and awareness.