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Planned Giving

The Peets: Fostering A Healthy Valley

The Peets’ estate gift ensures care that supports an active lifestyle continues.

Alaska, Glacier National Park, Wind River Range, and Monument Valley — these are just a few of the most memorable places Darcie and Barrney Peet have adventured and marveled at together. “The Rocky Mountains are still my favorite,” says Darcie.

The couple’s experiences immersed in nature are the intersection between their love for being active in the outdoors and the source of their art and creativity. Barrney, a photographer, brings his big lens camera to shoot, while Darcie, an award-winning artist, transforms these landscapes into paintings.

When the Peets are not traveling, they split their time between the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona, and Colorado’s Copper Mountain, where they have lived for more than 40 years.

Superior Health Care

Darcie and Barrney met while working for the same company in Boulder, Colorado. They pursued successful careers in business, advertising, interior design, and graphic design for many years. It wasn’t until Barrney took over the family business of managing resort properties in Grand Marais, Minnesota, that Darcie later found her calling as a professional painter.

With the ability to manage the family business remotely, and their hearts calling them to the West, the Peets made their way back to Tucson and Colorado. Their appreciation for Vail stemmed from many visits over the summer, when they cycled, hiked, and rode their horses. Darcie was also represented by an art gallery based in Vail.

A severe tennis injury, and a referral from cousin, Cindy Nelson, led Barrney to Dr. Richard Steadman, who was then based in Lake Tahoe. The Peet’s relationship with him grew and they followed him to Vail. That initial injury led the couple to many other visits for various accidents and surgeries, even though that meant flying across the country to The Steadman Clinic. Darcie and Barrney always enjoy receiving their physical therapy at Howard Head Sports Medicine.

Promoting Active Lifestyles

“The coordination and teamwork of our health care have just been astounding,” says Barrney. Because of the world-class care they have received, the Peets are leaving Vail Health and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute with a planned gift. “We decided this is our go-to place for health care,” Darcie adds. “It’s been a long series of surgeries, but when I go to Vail Health, I never think twice.”

One reason the Peets are passionate about supporting Vail Health is its emphasis on holistic, whole-body care. “The environment and attitude at the hospital, from top to bottom, reflect good health. The staff live the lifestyle, too, and that’s so inspirational for us patients,” the Peets say.

“Our whole lives, we’ve believed in a healthy, active lifestyle, and we’ve watched medicine and health care change,” describes Darcie. “When we see the chance to stay healthy, we want to for as long as we can. If including Vail Health in our estate plans helps us going forward and helps other people have the same benefits that we’ve had, then that’s why we want to provide that support.”

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“We decided this is our go-to place for health care. It’s been a long series of surgeries, but when I go to Vail Health, I never think twice.”Darcie Peet

Like the Peets, you can ensure your support for superior health care continues by including Vail Health in your estate plan.


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