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Planned Giving

Mary & Chris Randall: Supporting the Future of Vail Health

Long before Mary Randall took on the role of Vail Health Foundation Board Chair in 2019, she had served the organization in other ways.

One of these ways included the Shaw Outreach Team, whose members were the driving force behind the creation of Jack’s Place, a cancer caring house.

After years of commuting from the Vail Valley to work in Denver, Mary felt she had lost touch with the community. A year after she retired, a friend reached out to Mary about an opportunity to get involved with the Vail Health Foundation Board.

“When I met Dan Pennington, the Foundation President, I was very impressed. I decided that this was something I wanted to do, and it was a great way to reconnect with the community and prioritize what has always been important to me—health and wellness,” Mary describes.

Leading the Way for Behavioral Health

Mary also serves as co-chair of the It Takes A Valley Campaign Committee. Launched in December 2019, It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health aims to raise $100 million over 10 years to fund world-class behavioral health care services for everyone in the Eagle River Valley.

She strives to create meaningful experiences for Board members and emulates the same passion and dedication that led to the creation of Jack’s Place.

“My goal is to have the board feel the same about the behavioral health initiative as the Shaw Outreach Team felt about Jack’s Place—it’s one of the things that they’re most proud of,” Mary says. “It’s such an important need in this community and nationally. We have an opportunity to create a model that can be used in other communities and to do something very special.”

A Smarter Way to Give

Giving back to the community reflects an important family value. Mary and her husband, Chris, are ensuring Vail Health will be here to support the community into the future through a generous planned gift.

They believe a pooled income fund is a great philanthropic opportunity that many don’t realize is available.

“Through this type of planned gift, the money goes into a pooled income fund where it’s managed, and we receive income and capital out of the fund,” Chris explains.

Supporting Vail’s Safety Net

Chris says moving to Vail was the best decision they have ever made, apart from getting married. Mary adds, “We love living here, and the community’s support of Vail Health makes a difference. We truly feel like we can live here forever and won’t have to leave when we have increasing medical needs. Having the hospital here provides a safety net.”

To learn more about giving options to meet your specific needs and goals, please contact Aaron Ciszek at 970.569.7574 or

“We love living here, and the community’s support of Vail Health makes a difference.”Mary Randall

When you give to Vail Health Foundation, you help us make a difference. Like Mary and Chris, find the planned giving opportunity that works best for you.


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