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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Magda King: A Champion in Lifting Others

“We are the ones who procure change. We are the ones who have to do and support whatever we want to see in our communities; it is that simple.”

Throughout her life and career, Magda King has been guided by a simple vision for herself: to be at peace, to be happy, and to be a resource for other people. Though, it is easily noted that she has been far more than a resource for others. In her various roles in the community — such as General Manager at Antlers and Board Member of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH) — Magda has truly been a leader of great positive impact.

A Path Led by Love

After growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Magda left home with an engineering degree at 22 years old to Argentina, where she pursued a Master’s of Business Administration and entered a career in business. Along the way, Magda also became fluent in numerous languages, including English, Portuguese, French, and German. Rather than the allure of the mountains or a job opportunity, it was love that brought her to the Vail Valley. 

Magda and her husband, Tony, met through a Catholic forum. Their first date was in Switzerland, where Magda was living at the time. Most of their relationship was long distance, and they married by the third time they saw each other. “We had never been together for more than 11 days, so the 12th was a special day… and we were married. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking? My daughter does that, and I’ll kill her,” she jokes.

Fostering Growth & Well-Being in the Workplace

Following her move to Avon, Colorado, to join Tony, Magda began looking for a managerial position in the hotel business. After struggling to land a job, she accepted the role of Conference Service Manager at Antlers. “It was basically doing dishes,” she says. “But it didn’t matter where I started because I knew where I was going.” From her initial position, Magda moved up to group sales manager, continuing to three additional promotions before landing her current role as the hotel’s general manager. 

Even before managing Antlers, Magda had long supported her colleagues’ development and well-being. During her first position at the hotel, Magda started offering free English classes to the Hispanic community. Providing this opportunity to her colleagues flourished into many other pathways of growth. With Magda’s guidance, many Spanish-speaking employees became literate in English, earned their U.S. citizenship, finished their GED, and became homeowners. “One of our housekeepers left us to go to college to become a dental hygienist — from not knowing how to read and write,” says Magda. Now that she has more resources as general manager, Magda works with Colorado Mountain College to offer in-house Spanish classes. She also hosts a bilingual book club open to staff at other hotels. 

After using EVBH as a personal resource for herself and her children, Magda prioritizes the well-being of her staff by integrating behavioral health support within the workplace. Through her partnership with EVBH, she has offered trainings on various topics, including domestic violence, alcoholism, women’s health, and general health and well-being. She also works with EVBH to offer the Mountain Strong Employee Assistance Program, which provides six free behavioral health sessions per year to employees and their families. 

Lifting Up Other Hispanic Women

“My husband and I have donated to Eagle Valley Behavioral Health because we felt that it has helped us as a couple and as a family. We believe this amazing support can help others too,” Magda says. “When Chris Lindley approached me and said, ‘Magda, you’re a leader in the community. Can you help us out?’ It was an honor. I feel so lucky to work with people creating something so innovative in behavioral healthcare. It’s easy to follow, but to create is incredible.”

Outside of EVBH, Magda also serves on the Walking Mountains Science Center Board. Every Tuesday, she teaches religious education at St. Mary’s Church in Eagle. While juggling these various leadership roles, Magda strives to be an inspiration for her three children; Izzie, who loves to dance, play the piano, and draw; Matías, who loves technology and to dance ballet; and Derrick, who is their budding mechanical engineer. 

Mindfulness and being present in the moment have helped Magda balance her many roles. Spending time in nature and watching sunsets are moments that bring her peace. The Kings also enjoy skiing together as a family. 

“I have been praised a lot, which is humbling, and I have been criticized ruthlessly. It has been very difficult,” she says. “I do what I do because I believe we need more Latino women at the helm of society. I do this for my daughter, my sons, and their friends. And for my husband so he is proud of me. I do this for the housekeepers who want to do something more. I do this for all the women, no matter their heritage, who focus on their flaws rather than their wonderful virtues. I have heard so many women say they are shy because of their flabby arms. I have flabby arms too, and guess what? I celebrate that I’m not perfect. I don’t have all the answers. But I do have a voice, and I’m thoughtful about my acts, and I am vulnerable but true to myself, which on its own I believe sets a great example in any community.”

I support EVBH because it comes back to the community. It does not matter the amount. It’s about supporting a cause that helps us move forward as a society.Magda King

Your support will enable us to continue offering critical behavioral health services in our mountain communities.


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