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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Keith & Gina: A Pledge for Innovative Mental Health Services

“The world class services that will be offered at the Vail Health Precourt Healing Center will change lives,” says Keith Kennedy.

After learning about Amanda and Jay Precourt’s tremendous investment in the Vail Health Precourt Healing Center, Keith and his partner, Gina Sege, became inspired to support the new inpatient behavioral health facility as well. Through the Keith Kennedy Family Foundation, the couple has generously pledged to sponsor a youth patient room at the center.

“Mental health is a patient-specific medical problem with many phases and life cycles. I think this facility will be uniquely positioned in the right town, with the right people, and the right resources to give residents the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves,” says Keith.

“As our community grows, these services will be even more important to have in our local community. We are excited people will have better access to care without being separated from their families,” adds Gina.

A Personalized Approach to Care

Finding a facility that provides patient-specific treatment is an issue that Keith is all too familiar with. His oldest daughter began struggling with her weight and body image at age 15 after reaching an elite level as a ballerina. She continuously transitioned between multiple facilities in her search for proper care.

“As a parent, it’s debilitating to hear your kid say, ‘I don’t want to live,’” he shares. “But after finally receiving the right treatment, she had the tools to start getting better. Ketamine was one of those tools that allowed her to make that step.”

Ketamine, a psychedelic intervention designed for those resistant to other forms of treatment, is expected to be offered at Vail Health’s Wiegers Mental Health Clinic in fall 2023 as part of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health‘s vision to create affordable and equitable access to various specialty services in Eagle County.

Now, Keith’s daughter is entering her junior year of college and plans to pursue an advanced degree in psychology.

A Shared Value of Giving Back

Beyond his personal experience with the healthcare system, Keith has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and has held senior leadership roles at various public and private companies. Gina’s background falls into the private and nonprofit sectors, with a focus on marketing and technology.

When it comes to their shared philosophy on the importance of giving back, the couple reflects on their upbringing and the way each of their parents led by example. Gina’s family donated to their local church. In Keith’s family, Christmas was a time to give to others. Keith and his siblings would often forfeit receiving gifts to help families in need instead. His parents actively participated in the foster system, providing care for children.

Outside of their values of giving, they also share a love for running, which is what first brought them together. Keith and Gina met during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely allowed them to spend more time with one another. Keith moved from San Francisco to join Gina in Vail, where she had been living.

For Gina and Keith, who have a blended family, spending time with all of their children is of utmost most importance to them. They also enjoy doing anything outdoors, like hiking, biking, and being with their dog, Red — and are always likely training for their next ultramarathon.

“Mental health is not an individual issue, but a family and community issue. We are excited to be a small part of helping Amanda Precourt and the Vail Health team make this a reality for our community.”Keith Kennedy

Join our efforts to improve behavioral health care in our valley by supporting the It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health campaign.


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