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Planned Giving

Eck Family Ensures State-of-the-Art Care Continues in Vail

A Positive Place to Heal

Dr. Jack Eck has been a cornerstone in the Vail Valley since 1971, when he began practicing medicine here. Over the years, he developed and brought in several medical specialties and programs to Vail Health, including the Intensive Care Unit and Cardiopulmonary Services.

He was also the first physician to serve on the Vail Ski Patrol and was instrumental in helping create and implement many of the lifesaving techniques used on-hill to treat skiers with injuries and medical emergencies.

Dr. Eck was a driving force in the creation of Shaw Cancer Center, which opened in 2001. He had witnessed patients undergoing chemotherapy traveling to Denver for treatment and shared his vision for a more localized cancer care facility with Hal Shaw and others. This vision led to the Shaw family donating $17 million to build a comprehensive cancer center so mountain residents could stay close to home during treatment. 

After successfully overcoming prostate cancer in 2006, Dr. Eck began working at Vail Health Foundation two years later. Jack’s Place, named in his honor, opened in Edwards in 2007 and serves as a haven of tranquility and well-being for patients undergoing cancer treatment at Shaw Cancer Center. The 12-room cancer caring house operates on a donate-what-you-can basis, thanks to the generosity of benefactors.

Decades of Dedication

After decades of his dedication to the medical community, Dr. Eck will retire from Vail Health Foundation in December. 

“It has been a privilege to be a part of the evolution of healthcare here in this community from a clinic in the early 1970’s with just three doctors to the sophisticated medical facilities we are so proud to have today,” says Dr. Eck.

Dr. Eck and his wife, Kathleen, have made a planned gift to Vail Health Foundation that continues their longtime commitment to the community. They are also strong advocates for Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, an outreach of Vail Health. For the Ecks, Vail Health is a philanthropic priority — the reason why they’ve generously included the hospital in their estate plans.

“High quality health care is one of the greatest assets in our community, and supporting it through the years has been extremely important to us. As Vail Health continues to expand and improve its care of locals and guests alike, we are proud to be a part of this important work,” says Dr. Eck.

Kathleen currently serves as the chair of the Board of Bravo! Vail and on the board of Lake Creek Metro District. Dr. Eck serves as a board member with the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado, Home Care and Hospice of the Valley, and the Quality Committee of the Vail Health Board.

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“High quality health care is one of the greatest assets in our community, and supporting it through the years has been extremely important to us.Dr. Jack Eck

Make a longtime commitment to the community like Dr. Eck, with a planned giving gift to Vail Health Foundation.


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