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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Dan Godec: Leading the Way

“I stood up in front of a group of his friends and said, ‘Something good needs to happen from this.’”

Dan Godec Co-Chairs Behavioral Health Campaign

Dan Godec and his wife, Sue, have lived in Eagle County for more than 30 years. The valley’s beauty, strength, and generosity continue to inspire them. “It’s a pretty special place to be,” says Sue.

Over the years, the couple has given back to their community in many ways. Dan served as a board member when Vail Health Foundation formed over 20 years ago. As the Co-chair of the It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health campaign, Dan is helping raise $100 million to revolutionize the behavioral health system in the Eagle River Valley. He also serves as Chairman of the Eagle Valley Community Foundation, a community partner of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH). Both actively volunteer for The Birds of Prey and GoPro Mountain Games.

Dan And Sue Godec

Strengthening the Community

The Godecs have experienced the tragic effects of a system ill-equipped to handle behavioral health issues firsthand. About eight years ago, their son relapsed days after leaving rehab and passed away.

“Had the facility been built then and with the resources that are available now, I don’t know that it would’ve been the same outcome,” says Dan. “I stood up in front of a group of his friends and said, ‘Something good needs to happen from this.’”

Since the It Takes A Valley campaign launched in 2019, EVBH and its community partners have increased and elevated the range of services available to individuals and families, from school-based services, 24/7 crisis response, peer support groups, and more. Programs such as Olivia’s Fund are eliminating financial barriers to accessing counseling.

Eagle Valley Behavioral Health is reaching those who are underserved,” Dan says. “If you need help, we’re there to provide help. It’s about the whole community and all the nonprofits that serve the community. We are saving lives!”

“One way to help prevent tragic behavioral health stories from happening in the future is to donate to the campaign.”Dan Godec

Join our efforts by supporting the It Takes A Valley: Transforming Behavioral Health campaign.


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