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Your Hope Center’s Community Stabilization Program Continues to Grow

Two years ago, Your Hope Center created its Community Stabilization Program to address a gap in local mental and behavioral health services.

“It really came out of a need for stabilization for people,” said Dr. Teresa Haynes, Your Hope Center’s clinical director.

Haynes, in collaboration with the Your Hope Center’s community partners, developed and implemented the program in November 2021.

One of these partners was Vail Health Behavioral Health, which gave the nonprofit the initial funding to pilot the program two years ago, said Carrie Benway, Your Hope Center’s executive director.

Now, the state’s Behavioral Health Administration is funding the program — something Benway said is only possible because it was able to prove to the state that it was already serving individuals with the program.

Through this partnership, the nonprofit was also able to open a new location for its community stabilization program in Vail Health’s Edwards Community Health Campus. By offering this support in a central location that is near other local mental and behavioral health supports, the organization can decrease barriers and increase access to serving people, Haynes said.

Your Hope Center is a community partner of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health. Learn more about the Community Stabilization Program >

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