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What’s the Secret to Finding Longevity as a Woman?

the secret to longevity as a woman
Photo Credit: Katie Harmon

Over a hundred Vail Valley women gathered on Tuesday at The Westin Riverfront in Avon to embrace connection and gain insights on how to live a long, healthy and joyful life.

“The concept of longevity is exciting because it’s hopeful. I’m here tonight to tell you that we absolutely can age beautifully,” said Dr. Eliza Klearman, a functional medicine physician with Vail Health Behavioral Health. “Anti-aging is the ultimate preventative medicine. And I’m going to talk to you about how you can use your own self-care to prevent the scary things that we associate with old age.”

“Longevity is not just about living as old as possible. It’s about living as healthy as possible for as long as possible,” she added.

The inaugural Vail Health women’s wellness event was created to share health and wellness tips with women over 40. The sold-out event was met with such high demand, that the health care organization is now considering hosting a second event later this year for women as well as one focused on men’s health.

The event featured several of Vail Health’s entities including Colorado Mountain Medical, Vail Health Behavioral Health, Howards Head Sports Medicine, Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Health’s plastic surgery department — allowing opportunities for women to talk one-on-one with representatives — as well as three presentations on various elements of women’s health. Women also had an opportunity to create flower arrangements with Flower Hound, a shop based in Eagle.

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