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What Could Having Dense Breasts Mean?

Dense breast tissue is comprised of less fat and more connective tissue, which appears white on a mammogram. Cancer also appears white on a mammogram; thus, tumors are often hidden behind the dense tissue. As a woman ages, her breasts usually become more fatty. Women with dense breast tissue have 4-6 times higher risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, in Eagle County, more than 60% of women are dense breasted.

As one of the first breast centers in Colorado to offer a whole breast ultrasound, Sonnenalp Breast Center at Shaw Cancer Center continues its mission to save lives by finding cancer early. The center offers an automated breast ultrasound system that has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunctive examination to mammography. Peer reviewed, published clinical trials demonstrate that whole breast ultrasound, when used as an adjunct to mammography, found more and smaller cancers than were found by mammography alone.

At Sonnenalp Breast Center, radiologists along with software can analyze your mammogram to determine the ratio of dense tissue to fat tissue, and recommend a breast ultrasound if needed. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, learn more about dense breast tissue by visiting the Shaw Cancer Center website. Schedule your annual mammogram today by calling 970-569-7690. Early detection can save lives!

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