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Vail Health’s Medical Center in Dillon Set to Open in November

Vail Health is staying on track and within budget as it nears the completion of its new 85,000-square-foot medical center in Dillon. Once completed, the facility will staff about 80 people and expand much-needed services for Summit County, including urgent and primary care services, ambulatory orthopedic and pain management surgeries, oncology transfusions, physical therapy and more.

When developing the $70 million project, Craig Cohn, chief real estate development officer and senior vice president for Vail Health, explained that many of the services located within the center are ones that the organization identified as the community’s biggest needs.

“As far as what’s in the building, they are a lot of expansions from services that either we’ve already been providing in Summit County, but maybe not to this level, or services that, frankly, we haven’t had the square footage or the facilities to support us adding … that maybe we were providing in Eagle County that we wanted to provide in Summit,” Cohn said.

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