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Facing Industry-Wide Headwinds, Vail Health Touts the Value of Independent Hospitals

Will Cook Vail Health CEO - The Value Of Independent Hospitals

CEO Will Cook Addresses Community in the 2024 State of Vail Health

Amid industry-wide headwinds and impending regulatory changes, the Vail Health system is continuing to grow and evolve, said Vail Health’s CEO Will Cook at the State of Vail Health address on Tuesday. At the annual event, Cook gave an overview of the organization’s recent accomplishments and challenges as well as a look ahead to goals and priorities.

Furthermore, in 2019, following a $60 million commitment from the Vail Health board of directors to behavioral health, the Vail Health Foundation launched a fundraising effort to raise $100 million toward the same cause.

Progressing Forward

In addition, Vail Health Behavioral Health has continued to grow its infrastructure. This includes the February 2023 opening of the Wiegers Mental Health Clinic, while construction continued next door on the Precourt Healing Center as well as construction on Fox Hollow apartments. There was also the launch of the Vail Health Behavioral Health Innovation Center to study emerging mental health treatments.

“We are a nonprofit. We don’t send our margins or resources back to a Front Range system. We don’t send it back to a national system. We don’t send it to shareholders. We are here to serve this community. That’s what our mission is all about. And I think that’s what differentiates us,” Cook added. Currently, Vail Health has “interim and longer-term plans in motion,” he said, adding that it will continue to offer breast surgery in the valley as part of Vail Health and the Shaw Cancer Center.

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