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The Long Haul: After COVID-19 Infections, Some Struggle with Prolonged Recoveries

Dr. Mindy Cooper at Colorado Mountain Medical said she has seen several local patients with long-haul COVID symptoms. “If I were going to say one thing you could convey, it’s that these people are not crazy. This is a real syndrome. We don’t understand it completely, but it is real,” Cooper said.

Cooper said in her own practice she’s not seeing the same prevalence of long-haul COVID cases being reported nationally. But she encourages any local residents who may be suffering from ongoing, persistent symptoms to focus on good sleep hygiene, staying hydrated, and taking care of themselves.

She also encourages people to see a physician, and to make sure that their physician is listening to them, and seek out counseling services if they are needed. The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on mental health, and lingering symptoms and difficulties weeks or even months after a COVID-19 infection only compound that.

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