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Pink Vail Benefits Cancer Patients of All Diagnoses at Shaw Cancer Center

This article and photo first appeared in the Vail Daily on March 3, 2020.

Pink Vail funds benefit cancer patients regardless of their diagnosis.
Chris Dillmann |

Pink Vail might only take place on one special day each spring, but the dollars raised benefit all patients at Shaw Cancer Center year-round.

In that same vein, Pink Vail started to benefit breast cancer patients, represented by the color pink. But now that the event has grown exponentially, Pink Vail has become an event to show support for all patients with any type of cancer.

No matter their cancer diagnosis, all Shaw patients have the opportunity to benefit from Pink Vail funds throughout their cancer treatment and survivorship. Shaw treats all of the following cancers, and many that aren’t listed here. Beside each cancer type is the ‘color’ associated with it.

  • Brain and nervous system — Grey
  • Breast — Pink
  • Colon and digestive system — Dark Blue
  • Endocrine — Zebra
  • Female reproductive — Teal
  • Leukemia — Orange
  • Lung and respiratory — White
  • Lymphoma — Lime
  • Mesothelioma — Silver
  • Myeloma — Burgundy
  • Oral and pharynx — Beige
  • Prostate and testicular — Light Blue
  • Skin — Black
  • Soft tissue — Yellow
  • Urinary — Yellow
  • Other types of cancer — Lavender

So, instead of wearing pink this year, if another type of cancer has affected your loved ones, consider supporting them by wearing the corresponding color.

All of the donations from Pink Vail benefit patient care and the Spirit of Survival program at Shaw Cancer Center, providing all patients the opportunity to receive free exercise training, nutrition coaching, emotional support, massages, acupuncture, outdoor adventures and more. These services can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life, and are not typically covered by insurance.

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