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Nonprofits Say Colorado Gives Donations Will Help Keep Operations Afloat as Demand for Assistance Soars in Summit

Sol Center At Alta Verde Colorado
This rending shows what the SolCenter will look like. It will contain space for both Family & Intercultural Resource Center and Building Hope Summit County on the McCain property in Breckenridge. Allen-Guerra Architecture/Courtesy image

Donations given on Colorado Gives Day Dec. 5, helped raise over $600,000 for Summit County organizations.

Building Hope is one nonprofit impacted by changes in grant opportunities and an increased need for the services they provide in the community. Executive Director Kellyn Ender also emphasized how important donations from Colorado Gives Day are to the organization.

Ender said that in addition to Colorado Gives Day, the nonprofit also had success with their Hope Rising Campaign. “We raised over 40k in 40 days, which was our goal. and every year the community just shows up in amazing ways. We’re so proud to be a part of it,” Ender said.

She said that similarly to the Family and Intercultural Resource Center, the nonprofit is also experiencing a pinch in funding and community donations help exponentially. “We have an increase in our scholarship demands,” Ender said.

She said despite high demand and tight funding, partners such as health care providers — especially a newly added provider, Vail Health — have stepped up to help make services more accessible.

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