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Nearing Pandemic’s Two-Year Mark, Public Health Officials Reflect on Lessons

Eagle County Public Health Director, Heath Harmon praised the response from local governments, the Vail Health system, and residents in responding to the virus.

And, he noted, the Eagle County Commissioners, who also serve as the county’s board of health, took pains to listen to many different viewpoints.

“It’s OK to acknowledge that we’re not going to go through a two-year pandemic all being on the same page,” Harmon said. “But the commissioners were very open to listening to (the public).” That input “helped influence our approach.”

While it seems like anything’s possible with the COVID virus, Harmon said this current pause in case spikes gives public health officials a period to regroup. “There are a lot of things to reflect on,” Harmon added. “For me, it’s gratitude for all the members of our community.”

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