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Letter: 911 Experience at Avon Westin Pool

Just wanted to give a shout out to the staff at the Avon Westin and many of their guests who came to help my wife Judi, a 63-year-old who enjoys many mountain activities, on Sunday, July 11, when suddenly she was overcome with intense head pain that debilitated her while swimming laps at the Westin pool. I was concerned that she may be having a stroke and ran to the athletic front desk and asked that they call 911. Within moments, Michelle and Lauren of the athletic club were out to help and two doctors who were guests got my wife comfortable while we waited for fire rescue and an ambulance. One had actually been doing laps right next to us.

I must say that I was very shaken, and after they took Judi to Vail Health Hospital, I stayed back at the Westin to locate my wife’s personal belongings that she may need at the hospital. I received plenty of help retrieving her knapsack, including her wallet that I knew we would need at the hospital, from the woman’s locker room.

One of the doctors sat beside me and tried to calm me down. Another guest told me she lived next door to the Westin and offered to drive me to the hospital. While I was getting things taken care of at the Westin, Judi was getting first-class treatment from the firefighters and ambulance staff and then at the Vail hospital.

Thankfully, Judi did not have a stroke and it looks like she will be fine. Yet how uplifting an experience my wife and I had to see our local community show such concern and step in immediately to make a bad situation much better. For those who helped, Judi and I are so thankful. There are times that we may wonder how concerned and caring people may be to others, especially those they do not know. Today we had an incredibly positive experience as to human nature and caring and we are so appreciative. Thanks to Lauren, Michelle, and many other staff and guests at the Westin, and to the first responders and Vail Health Hospital staff who attended to Judi.

Barry and Judi Nelson
Golden Beach, Florida

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