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Inaugural Vail Health Event Invites Women Over 40 to Embrace a Whole-Body Approach to Health and Wellness

On May 7, Vail Health is hosting Flourish: A Springtime Celebration of Women’s Wellness, its first-ever women’s specific wellness event for women over the age of 40 to help guide them toward health and happiness. The free event at The Westin Riverfront in Avon will share tips and local resources for longevity, hormone changes, pelvic health, skincare, nutrition and behavioral health.

“Women live longer than men — the data is exceptionally clear — but one of the things that we don’t often talk about is how to make that longevity have quality, meaning and value,” said Dr. Paige Baker-Braxton, the director of outpatient behavioral health services at Vail Health Behavioral Health.

“This event is going to give a comprehensive overview of health and wellness for women and what resources exist in our community,” said Sally Welsh, Vail Health’s director of public relations. “We have a plethora of resources, and raising awareness of them and ensuring that women feel supported using them is a huge goal of this event.”

At the event, speakers from Vail Health Behavioral Health — including Baker-Braxton — as well as from Colorado Mountain Medical’s OB/GYN practice will give presentations on women-specific health tips.

In addition to providing tips and resources at the wellness event, Vail Health hopes that it will bring women together — something that is also a critical component of whole-person health.

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