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COVID Can’t Derail Vail Health’s New Dillon Medical Complex

This news recording first appeared on Krystal 93 Radio on October 1, 2020.

A new 85,000 square foot Vail Health medical complex is one of the biggest projects in Dillon right now, and COVID barely made a dent in progress.

0:10 – Thick haze from nearby wildfires blankets Summit
0:38 – In a strange decision, USFS lifts Stage 2 fire restrictions in Summit
1:01 – Snowguns are churning! We’ve got expected opening days for local resorts
1:29 – Vail Health gives an update on a 200,000-square-foot medical complex in Dillon
2:22 – Worried about closures at childcare centers? You’ve got options
3:26 – Silverthorne liquor store raises cash for air filters at elementary school
4:25 – National sports
4:33 – Local sports

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