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Memorialize a loved one through a tribute gift to Vail Health

These gifts are a beautiful way to celebrate and honor a loved one while ensuring Eagle and Summit Counties have access to the best health care.

Tribute gifts can mark an important occasion, honor someone special or perpetuate the legacy of someone who passed away.

They are a beautiful way to honor the people who are important to you.

We offer two types of tribute gifts:

  • In Memoriam Gift – A memorial gift is a special expression to remember a friend or loved one.
  • In Honor Of Gift – Making a gift in honor of a special person – a friend, loved one or Vail Health team member – is a great way to show your gratitude.

When you make a tribute gift, we will inform the family and/or honoree of your designation.

Tribute gifts can be designated to the program that would be most meaningful to those being recognized.