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Suffering in Silence: Why Many Eagle County Sex Assault Survivors Choose Not to Report

“It’s not like in a big city where maybe there’s a certain amount of anonymity. It’s known that you have reported and that can be very challenging,” said Sheri Mintz, the executive director of Bright Future Foundation, Eagle County’s primary service provider for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

SANE exams became available in Eagle County this summer through Colorado Mountain Medical’s new Victim First Care clinic. Before this development, local victims had to travel across county lines to Frisco or Glenwood Springs to access these services.

Having this service locally available also allows the clinic to offer “wraparound services,” connecting victims with other Eagle County service providers, including Bright Future Foundation.

“We’re really making sure that patients are being followed up with whatever behavioral health services they need, financial needs. If they need shelter, there are lots of different comprehensive options through Bright Future Foundation,” said Amanda Shelley, a local sexual assault examiner nurse coordinator.

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