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Saeger: Trails for All, Trails Forever

Imagine you are on your favorite trail on a beautiful summer Colorado day. Your attention is focused on the mountain views, the sun shining on tall aspens, the softness of the dirt under your feet or on your bike tire, and the sound of birds singing. You are completely absorbed and present on a trail and with nature. You do not want to be anywhere else in the world except for right there and now. You completely forget about all your worries and the busy world we live in, not thinking about these things for a second.

The trail has taken you to your flow state. Simply imagining yourself on the trail and in nature more than likely makes you happier. Are you smiling right now? Trails have many benefits for our community including economic, transportation, livability, conservation, and environmental. But the most impactful benefit that trails provide to us may be for our health, both physical and mental.

May is Mental Health Month. We encourage you to get outside on our trails for at least 120 minutes per week. Don’t know where or how to get outside? Consider participating in the Soul Dirt program. Soul Dirt, created in partnership with Vail Health Behavioral Health, is Vail Valley Mountain Trail Alliance’s (VVMTA) newest program. Soul Dirt is designed to invite people outside and create access to outdoor opportunities so that everyone can experience the transformative power of the mountains in our backyard. The VVMTA provides numerous opportunities to build a healthier community.

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