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Results From 2024 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Show Improved Youth Mental Health, Substance Use

The past few years have been challenging for young kids and students, fighting against the emotional and physical turmoil of a global pandemic. However, preliminary results from the 10th Healthy Kids Colorado Survey show that Eagle County kids seem to be moving beyond some of the struggles of the past few years.

“This is the first administration where I feel like the impacts of COVID are not so profound,” said Dana Whelan, Eagle County School District’s wellness coordinator.

Between favorable movement on youth mental health, substance use and other at-risk behaviors as well as increases in socialization and sense of belonging, “there’s a lot to celebrate” in the 2024 survey, added Candace Eves, a prevention coordinator for the Eagle County School District.

While there are some positives, the survey does still identify areas of concern — including demographic differences in nutrition, exercise and consent as well as still present indicators of depression, vehicle safety and device use.

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