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Reconnected Through Recovery

This article first appeared in the 2022 It Takes A Valley Campaign Impact Report.

Reconnected Through Recovery

Recovery from substance use disorders can be a long journey, requiring more than just initial treatment.

RECONNECTED (Recovery, Connection, and Education), a new nonprofit partner of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health (EVBH), aims to provide an essential support system for people seeking initial treatment and long-term addiction recovery.

Recovery Peer Support and Advocate Program

RECONNECTED provides immediate follow-up to anyone seeking help through Vail Health, EVBH, Your Hope Center, and other behavioral health providers.

This program connects individuals with local recovery resources and holds them accountable. It also provides the recovery capital and social scaffolding needed to increase their chances of maintaining recovery. Specially trained peer recovery advocates help people engage with recovery options such as:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Regular appointments with certified clinicians or licensed addiction counselors
  • Participation in sober group activities such as art, music, and outdoor activities

Peers are available to meet for a cup of coffee, lend an ear during a difficult day, or celebrate successes.

Since RECONNECTED was established in June 2023:

  • 88 total referrals to the program
  • 60 individuals have been engaged more than once
  • 43 have been engaged consistently since the referral was made
  • 357 1-on-1 peer support sessions (June 2023-January 2024)
  • 42 pro-sober social events with 500+ attendees
  • Established a referral pipeline from Your Hope Center, Eagle County Paramedics Services, Vail Health Behavioral Health, A Way Out, SpeakUp ReachOut, and Diversion & Probation offices

“RECONNECTED is about working with individuals to educate them about their disease, help them build strong connections around sober living, and ultimately move them toward recovery,” says Rob Shearon, founder of RECONNECTED. Rob has battled with addiction since his early teens growing up in Vail.

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