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Peterson: Into the Light

I turn 41 years old today. My life, two decades on, is a waking dream. I’m married to the most amazing, most gorgeous woman I could ever imagine, and who I love more than ever after nearly 15 years together. I have two healthy, beautiful children who provide me with constant humor and joy. I love my home, my neighborhood, my hyperactive 8-pound rescue dog, and everything about where I live.

And, yet, I came this close to never seeing any of it.

I’m living proof that there’s light out there, that there’s help, and that the world is a much more interesting place with both you and I in it.

Chris Lindley, the executive director of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, is constantly harping on the message that the only way we’re going to change the status quo of mental health and substance abuse in this valley is if we talk about these issues the same way we talk about our physical health. Not only that, but if we devote as much time, energy and resources to these problems.

So that’s why I’m talking about this. It’s why today, the Vail Daily is launching an in-depth five-part series that will run over the next five Fridays that takes a serious look at the behavioral health crisis in this valley, which has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nate Peterson is the editor of the Vail Daily. Email him at

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