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Norton: The Vital Role of Teamwork in Ski Resort Hospital ERs

ski resort hospital ER

Michael Norton shares his recent experience as a patient at Vail Health Hospital:

Ski resort hospital emergency rooms stand at the intersection of adventure and safety, catering to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts who seek thrills on the slopes.

I wrote this column because recently I was a patient at Vail Health Hospital. And this past week, I actually had to go twice in three days. I watched in amazement as the team in the ER handled all types of serious injuries with professionalism, compassion, speed and accuracy. The teams that cared for me, Kacy, Laura, Mary, Ashley, Brandon, Megan, Emily, Chris, Jason, Becca, and Dr. Stone and Dr. Zeller were beacons who all took amazing interest in my care and getting me released. A huge shout-out to you all, I appreciate you so much.

Ski resort hospital emergency rooms face a distinct set of challenges, from treating skiing and snowboarding injuries to managing cold-related conditions. In such an environment, teamwork emerges as a cornerstone of effective care delivery, ensuring that patients receive prompt and comprehensive treatment to enjoy the snowy playground safely.

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