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Letter: Many Thanks

Avon Urgent Care: Image of a letter thanking the Vail medical community for their help during a medical emergency.

After an infection diagnosis, former Vail residents Bob and Linda Isbell share their appreciation for the staff at Colorado Mountain Medical and Vail Health:

At the beginning of our annual summer trek to Vail (we are former residents and now visitors), Bob was diagnosed with a serious infection and needed immediate care.

Many thanks to everyone who put us on the right track to handle immediately — from Pepper’s diagnosis at Avon Urgent Care to Dr. Viola’s (Steadman Hawkins) two successful surgeries, from Carl with guest services to Jon in admissions, two physician assistants and every single second-floor nurse who had to frequently change antibiotics to fight the infection, visits from Ethan Moore, the hospital chaplain, and Kathi Robinson with patient care, pre-op and post-op (twice!) not to mention our family, friends and local pastor.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity of spirit and the excellence in service. Thank you everyone for making us feel at home and helping us to navigate our unexpected medical emergency!

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