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Life Jackets are Now Available to Loan at Sylvan Lake and Eagle River Park

Sylvan Lake and Eagle River Park
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

A Total of 78 Jackets Were Provided by Vail Health

A new life jacket loaner program will make the personal floatation devices free for use at Eagle River Park and Sylvan Lake State Park. The program is a partnership between Vail Health and the town of Eagle as well as Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sylvan Lake Division.

Thirty-eight life jackets have been placed at the lake access area of Sylvan Lake for members of the public to use for free. The public can access the life jackets by simply taking and then returning them to hanging on the sign at the entrance to the lake access area. The life jackets will also be stored at the lake rental station if not on the sign. Vail Health also purchased 40 jackets — through its Trauma Program — for the town of Eagle at the River Park.

“By providing access to life jackets, we empower individuals to make responsible choices, embrace adventure, and enjoy the water with peace of mind,” said Kim Greene, Vail Health’s injury prevention specialist. “Together, we create a culture of preparedness and safeguard precious moments, because in the end, it’s about protecting lives and creating memories that last a lifetime.”

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