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Letter: Local Partnerships Continue to Bring Health and Wellness to the Valley

Local Partnerships

Vail Health: A Long-time Supporter

Melina Valsecia, Executive Director at Eagle Valley Community Foundation, shares:

Eagle Valley Community Foundation is a convener, inspiring collective action to local challenges. EVCF provides responsive solutions to the most emerging needs of Eagle Valley community members. Further, EVCF addresses issues around food insecurity through our program at The Community Market. The market provides access to barrier-free, nutrient-rich food throughout the valley. Our work is only possible through the generosity of our donors, volunteers, and community partners.

Vail Health has long been a supporter of Eagle Valley Community Foundation and The Community Market. We are grateful tenants in their Edwards Community Health Campus at a highly discounted rate, affording The Community Market a centrally located storefront space to provide free, healthy food to up-valley customers.

Our community members have so many stressors in their life when it comes to the costs of living in this mountain destination, and inflation has caused a dramatic spike in the cost of living nationally from which the Eagle River Valley has not been exempt. The Community Market plays a vital role in eliminating the stress of where the next meal is coming from and helps improve the well-being of our community. To have a healthier population, everyone must have equal access to food, one of the most basic human rights. The Community Market features a variety of fresh produce, meat, dairy and bread as well as shelf-stable grocery items.

During the holidays, The Community Market will be providing special food offerings for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are grateful for the many volunteers who help us. If you are interested in volunteering this holiday season, please contact Karen at 970-445-4976 or

Thank you again to Vail Health and all of our community partners for your ongoing support. Together, we are improving the overall health and wellness of our entire community.

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