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Integrative Health at Colorado Mountain Medical

Integrative Health at Colorado Mountain Medical (CMM) aims to bridge the gap between mental health and physical wellness. Through the implementation of an integrative care model, CMM, a partner of Vail Health, strives to reduce the stigma of seeking behavioral health care, while improving access to services. Shannatay Bergeron of CMM and Casey Wolfington of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health have the details on how Colorado Mountain Medical patients benefit from integrative health.

How the Integrative Healthcare Model Works

While patients regularly seek help from their primary care doctors for physical complaints, many still hesitate to ask for behavioral health care, possibly due to the stigma that may be attached. Casey Wolfington notes that in embracing this healthcare model, the whole individual receives care, from basic wellness visits to behavioral health concerns. Through the integrative care model, Colorado Mountain Medical (CMM) invites patients to address any behavioral health issues that they are experiencing, even though they may be at a doctor’s visit for a physical reason. According to Shannatay, CMM continues to reduce the stigma of behavioral health care by embracing an integrative health model.

Benefits of the Integrative Health Model

With the integrative care model at Colorado Mountain Medical, patients are able to receive easier access to behavioral health resources through the help of the Integrated Care Team. As Shannatay describes, when a patient sees their primary care doctor, pediatrician, or specialist they will also have the opportunity to request behavioral health resources. If a patient requests behavioral health services, the attending physician notifies the Integrative Health Team at that time. Then the Integrative Health Team is then able to offer the patient a follow-up visit with a therapist. This is an optional service that helps provide easy access to behavioral health care for patients. As Shannatay notes, Integrative healthcare serves the whole person, a reminder that mental well-being is a vital part of total well-being.

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