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Eat Chat Parent Series Kicks Off with ‘Parenting During a Pandemic’

This article first appeared in the Vail Daily on September 10, 2020.

There are “those days.” The days where, as a parent, we feel we failed: There was arguing and yelling, cajoling, frustration, tears — and that sinking feeling that no one was heard. Dr. Laura Markham had those frazzling kinds of days, but she shares how her home life changed for the better once she started parenting with compassion. Through her own experiences, which she shares with a healthy dose of humor, she helps parents want to do be — and do — better.

Join Mountain Youth and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health when they kick off the 2020-21 Eat Chat Parent series (virtually, of course) with “Parenting During a Pandemic.”

Dr. Markham will provide concrete steps parents can take to change their tone, their mindset and ultimately create a calm space where parents and children can work together; even in a pandemic, under quarantine or less-than-ideal circumstances.

Dr. Markham shares research-based solutions and inspiring, creative, practical answers to parent’s most pressing parenting questions. She’s known for her “evidence-based expertise combined with mom-in-the-trenches experience.”

“We are so excited to have Dr. Markham bring her experience and passion to the Vail Valley,” said Amy Baker, family education manager at Mountain Youth, in a news release. “With the COVID pandemic continuing to shape our lives and add stress, her presentation will help parents prepare for more of the unknown.”

Dr. Markham reminds parents that during times of uncertainty, these are the most important times to be agile and compassionate. And although it may feel that families are together 24/7, it’s important to take the time for self-care, effects that will ripple outwards for the entire family.

“Your children are watching you handle this pandemic, and taking their cues from you,” she shares. “Do they need to panic? Or could they maybe find ways to be a better human being during this time of crisis? Luckily, you can count on multiple opportunities today to model what you hope your children will learn, by practicing your self-regulation skills and extending grace, to others and to yourself.”

While we aren’t under quarantine right now, none of us knows what the future holds. Grace can be found, sometimes a little bit hidden under a pile of laundry or yet another Zoom meeting, through self-reflection and answers in five questions: How will I replenish myself today? How will I connect with each of my children today? How will I get our family outside today? How will I get our family laughing today and how will I model grace under pressure?

It’s through this guidance that we can all create the homelife we want, one that has joy and laughter, peace and cooperation.

Dr. Markham earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Columbia University and has worked as a parenting coach with countless families across the world. Her aspiration is to change the world, one child at a time, by supporting parents. The proud mother of two thriving young adults who were raised with her peaceful parenting approach, she lives with her husband in New York.

Visit, to learn more about Dr. Markham and her parenting tips. Dr. Markham is the author of several books including: “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting,” “Calm Parents, Happy Kids: The Secrets of Stress-free Parenting” and “Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life.”

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