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Eagle Valley Behavioral Health Looks to Expand Mental Health Services

Eagle Valley Expand Mental Health Services

Eagle Valley Behavioral Health is expanding access to behavioral and mental health services in Summit County after the county government designated the provider as the county’s community mental health center earlier this year.

Mental health resources have long been lacking in Summit County and throughout Colorado. The county’s partnership with Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vail Health, aims to expand the availability of mental health services locally and reduce barriers to accessing help, according to Paige Baker-Braxton, Vail Health’s director of outpatient health.

“What we know statistically to be true is that mountain communities — rural resort areas, rural communities in general — have a higher risk of significant mental health issues,” Baker-Braxton said. “A huge piece of that is our isolation from larger systems. But we also tend to see higher rates of mood disorders and substance use, particularly alcohol, in our community.”

In 2025, Vail Health plans to open the Precourt Healing Center, a 28-bed in-patient behavioral health facility in Edwards that will provide care for adults and adolescents experiencing acute psychiatric crises.

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