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Eagle County Creating More Options to Transport Those In Need of Behavioral Health Treatment

Precourt Healing Center

More Transportation Options

Local behavioral health care has changed a lot in the past few years. Another change may be coming in the next year.

For example, Heath Harmon, the director of Eagle County Public Health and Environment, said the new licensing structure is an opportunity to make transportation services more available in a community.

Harmon said working on the new regulations has involved working “hand in hand” with Vail Health, Eagle County Paramedic Services — the local ambulance district — Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, Your Hope Center, and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

Chris Lindley, chief population health officer of Vail Health, noted that the new licensing requirements “won’t have too big an effect initially,” adding that Eagle County Paramedic Services for now remains the sole provider of secure transportation for patients.

It’s going to take some time to get the new licensing system up and running. But there’s more help coming, in the form of a new behavioral health campus in Edwards.

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