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“CHILL’D” Study Looking for Volunteers Suffering From Depression in Colorado

You’ve likely seen social media influencers or even your friends or family talk about the benefits to submerging themselves into really cold water, sometimes right after sitting in a sauna. Some people who do this report feeling more energized, or feeling their mood lift.

Vail Health is now trying to determine just how much of a boost a big temperature swing could have for people suffering from depression.

It’s the mission of the C.H.I.L.L.D. study, “which stands for Cold and Heat Investigation to Lower Levels of Depression,” explained Chloe Sorensen, Clinical Research Supervisor of the Vail Health Behavior Health Innovation Center.

“We are looking for adults with depression they have to be between the ages of 18-65,” Sorensen said. “They do not have to be an existing Vail Health patient, they can be anybody from the local community who is willing to come in and try it.”

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