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Eagle County’s Bright Future Foundation Has Helped Families for the Past 40 Years

Bright Future Foundation

The valley’s leading advocate for domestic violence prevention and care is celebrating a special birthday in 2024.

The Bright Future Foundation turns 40 this year. In that time, trained volunteers have answered more than 10,000 calls to the crisis line. In 2023, more than 900 calls came in. The group, originally called the Women’s Resource Center, has always tried to help. That used to be more difficult, particularly for those who needed to quickly get out of an abusive situation.

The Freedom Ranch safe house was created in 2002. That facility, on the southwest side of the Eagle County Regional Airport property, provided a welcoming place for those who often got out of their homes with little more than the clothing on their backs.

The BrightHouse model is becoming more common. That road often includes a new place to live, a tough task in this valley. But if a family is able to find a place — often with the foundation’s help — there’s aid available to help provide a fresh start. When a parent and kids leave an abusive situation, they’re usually leaving in a hurry.

Volunteers started Bright Future, and still play a major role with the organization. But the group’s staff has grown over the years, and now includes behavioral health and legal professionals, as well as bilingual and housing advocates.

At a Feb. 26 celebration, Alma De Lara was one of the presenters to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners. De Lara, Bright Future’s advocacy and housing supervisor, has worked the past six years full-time with the organization. Before that, she spent another couple of years as an intern.

“I love it, I’m very passionate about it,” De Lara said when asked why she’s stayed with Bright Future. “A lot of people in my own life, friends and family, have experienced (abuse),” she added.

That led to a desire to help others. “I didn’t know how (before), but I think I’ve found my way.”

Bright Future Foundation is a nonprofit partner of Vail Health’s Eagle Valley Behavioral Health.

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